PokeWhere, Best Android Apps to Locate the Pokemon

Pokemon Go are games in which you act as a Pokemon trainer who is obliged to find and capture different types of Pokemon. Pokémon you’ve caught any stored into Pokedex and can be used to fight with other trainers in the arena Gym. He might look easy, Pokemon Go requires patience and hard work of the players, especially when looking for a location Pokemon sought.

Especially at this time tracker feature in Pokemon Go has been removed by Niantic Labs. Therefore, it helps you use a third party application named PokeWhere to locate the hiding Pokémon. Through the application made by Jacky Koh and Daniel Vassilev, you can detect the presence of Pokemon around you. Use of PokeWhere also quite easy.

You just open the app on the smartphone and the app will detect your location. Once completed ask questions in full, PokeWhere will show the locations where Pokemon that is near or at other locations.

With PokeWhere, you can also find out how long these Pokemon appear by clicking the icon Pokemon you want. Not only that, if you noticed in the bottom of the screen there is an icon shaped radar. This icon serves to refresh the existence of Pokemon on the map.

PokeWhere Android Apps For Pokemon Go

PokeWhere Android Apps.

Interestingly, PokeWhere does not require you to log in to be able to use the application, so that will not be blocked account Pokemon Go ye. PokeWhere are now available in the AppStore and Google Play Store for free.

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